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Kyykkä (a.k.a. Finnish Skittles or Karelian Skittles), an old game from Karelia, is nowadays a popular sport among Finnish university students. For many of them, one of the highlights of the year is the Academic Kyykkä World Championship tournament taking place in Tampere every February. Many students today may not be aware of the fact that the Savo-Karelian Nation is (at least) a 9-time world champion although the last championship trophy was won as early as in the beginning of the 1990's. Therefore, the nation's history in kyykkä is grand but how about the present?

The present looks also pretty good. SKO has been organising its yearly one-day SKO Open tournament for decades now. The tournament's challenge cups have come and gone but SKO Open persists. For several years now, the winning team has taken home the Curator's Cup, which was a donation for the nation by HC Kirvesperseet, a team that during the first years of the millennium, won the tournament four times in a row.

Another notable competition is the Kyykkä League that SKO has been organising since 2003. In the recent years, the league season has started in autumn and continued its run till April or May. The Ja kyykät lentää!Kyykkä League is a great way to get to know the game: just gather up a team of fours players and sign up. Players may be both first-timers and old-timers, or everything in between. Usually there's a practise session before the start of the season so that the teams can get warmed up before the real actions begins.

An official called Master of Kyykkä is responsible for organising the nation's kyykkä competitions and taking care of its kyykkä equipment. SKO's Master of Kyykkä this year, Tomi Metsälä, can be reached through email, and at random times on SKO's channels in IRC ( @IRCnet) and WhatsApp (SKO). The rules of the game and the regulations of the SKO Kyykkä organisation can be found (in Finnish) in the official documents section of SKO's web page.

The most current information on SKO's kyykkä competitions and related news are also available on Facebook, at the Page Savo-Karjalaisen Osakunnan Kyykkäorganisaatio - SKOK and in the public group SKOn kyykkä.



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