Academic Sauna Society


Academic Sauna Society a.k.a. ASS supports the sauna goers of SKO, SHO and TPO by organising sessions at the saunas near the university campus area. In 2018 the sauna sessions returned to Sunday nights at 20-22.00. For more information on the locations and dates of the sessions, please join the Facebook group Akateeminen SaunaSeura (for the members of SKO, SHO or TPO, only) and check out the Facebook page. Members of the nations may also join our WhatsApp group by emailing the sauna majors at

The sauna sessions and changing rooms are usually mixed-gender. Bring your own towel and refreshments with you.

The nations’ sauna steam company is run by SKO’s sauna major Tomi Metsälä in cooperation with major Santtu Hietamäki (SHO) and major Hannu Ala-Olla (TPO).

During this COVID-19 era we try to stay healthy by limiting the number of participants in our weekly Sunday sauna sessions. Because of this there’s also a registration form to gather contact information of the participants and to retain it for a maximum of three weeks after the session.

Register here (In Finnish only).